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General Terms

Viewing a Property

Once you have decided on the properties you would like to view I will arrange a convenient appointment time. Although my standard office hours are 10am – 6pm Monday to Friday, I will endeavour to accommodate those people unable for viewings during these hours.

Making an Offer

Should you find a suitable property and wish to start a tenancy, I will require you:

* To leave a 2 week holding deposit. This will act as a reservation on the property and as half of the 1 month security deposit.
* To sign a tenancy agreement contract.
* To provide proof of your identity.
* To pay 1 months’ rent and 1 months’ security deposit in advance of receiving key(s) and moving in.

Security Deposit

The 2 week holding deposit paid to act as a reservation is non-refundable should said reservation be cancelled.

The 1 month security deposit will be refunded within 21 days should all the terms and conditions underlined in the tenancy agreement to be adhered to.

Documents Needed

I need the following documents, before moving in, for each tenant:

* Copy of your passport
* Copy of visa (if applicable)
* 3 months bank statements
* Work reference (or a letter from your college or university if you’re a student)
* Personal reference
* Past Landlord

Administration Fee

An administration fee of £200.00 will be payable upon creation of a legally binding tenancy agreement.

Payment of Rent

The first instalment of rent must be paid in cleared funds when you sign the tenancy agreement.

Thereafter, rent is payable by standing order (unless agreed otherwise) to arrive on the due date as stated in the tenancy agreement. This means that the standing order must be set up so that the funds leave your account three days before the rent is due. The full rent must be paid by a single standing order, I am unable to accept multiple standing orders.


It is your responsibility to insure your own belongings throughout the tenancy.


You will be responsible for the payment of telephone, gas, water and electricity accounts at the property during your tenancy, as well as the council tax. It is your responsibility to notify the relevant companies and the local authority that you are moving into/out of the property.

You are also responsible for ensuring that a valid television licence remains in place for the duration of the tenancy, regardless of the ownership of the television set. Utility companies will also always require the occupant to provide access for any visit.